Other Name:Chlorantraniliprole;Rynaxypyr
CAS NO.:500008-45-7
Molecular Formula:C18H14BRCL2N5O2
Molecular Weight:483.15
Appearance:White powder
There was no interaction resistance with imidacloprid, amidine, and pyrimidine. It can be used for stem and leaf treatment, seed treatment and soil treatment. Suitable crops are rice crops, beet, rape, potato, cotton, bean, fruit tree, peanut, sunflower, soybean, tobacco and citrus.
Description About Rynaxpyr CAS 500008-45-7
Due to the chemical structure of the chlorine worm benzamide has any other pesticides does not have new insecticidal principle, can efficiently activate insect fish nitin (muscle) receptor. Excessive release of intracellular calcium calcium ions in the repository, killed insects paralysis and high activity of larvae of lepidoptera pests, insecticidal spectrum is wide, the effect is good. According to the current activity of the test results of target pests 10-100 times higher than other products. And it can lead to some lepidoptera insects mating process is disorder, studies have shown that it can reduce the variety of cutworm spawning rate, due to its good effect and the biological characteristics of resistance to the rains washed out, these features is, in fact, permeability, conductivity, chemical stability, high insecticidal activity and lead to insect pests to immediately stop the integrated embodiment of feeding etc. Therefore decided to its other than the most in use of pesticides have longer and more stable and to protect the crops.
Rynaxpyr is a new kind of second-generation nicotinic insecticide with high efficiency and low toxicity, which has the properties of gastric toxicity, contact killing and internal absorption to pests, and is used in leaf spray and soil root irrigation. After the application of the drug, it was quickly absorbed and transmitted to all parts of the plant. It has a good control effect on spin-sucking pests such as aphids, planthoppers, leafhoppers and mealworms.
Rynaxpyr has high activity to coleoptera, diptera, lepidoptera, especially homoptera, which can effectively control various kinds of pests such as aphid, leafhopper, planthopper, mealbug, beetle larvae, potato beetle, nematode, ground beetle, leaf dipper moth and other pests that produce resistance to various kinds of chemical pesticides.

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