Grass Fruit Extract

Grass Fruit Extract

其他名称:Amomum Tsaoko Extract
Latin name:Fructus Tsaoko
Appearance:Brown powder
Pharmacological effects:
Dry dampness and remove cold, remove phlegm and cut malaria, eliminate food and stop vomiting.
1. It has good weight loss and lipid-lowering effect, and can control blood sugar
2. It has anti-oxidation and anti-tumor effects, can delay aging, reduce the possibility of tumor occurrence to a certain extent, and can resist fungi and molds, and can also remove bad breath
3. It has a good therapeutic effect on spleen and stomach pain
4. Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, can also relieve pain and diarrhea
Description About Grass Fruit Extract
Grass fruit is the dried and ripe fruit of the perennial herb of the ginger family Cardamom, which is a famous traditional Chinese medicine and traditional spice. Grass fruit extract can significantly lower blood sugar.Eating grass fruit for high blood pressure is very helpful for the relief of the disease, so in the right amount, patients with high blood pressure can eat grass fruit.

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