Cape Jasmine Fruit Extract

Cape Jasmine Fruit Extract

Other Name:Cape Jasmine Extract,Gardenia Extract
Latin Name:Gardenia jasminoides, ext.
Part Used:Fruit
Appearance:Brown yellow powder
Active ingredients:Gardenoside
1. Has a protective effect on the liver
2. Promotes pancreatic secretion. The extracts of Gardenia jasminoides and its several extracts have obvious pancreatic, gallbladder and pancreatic enzyme effects
3. Antihypertensive effect and prevention of atherosclerosis
4. Inhibiting gastric acid, promoting rapid excretion of bilirubin in the blood, with the effect of cooling blood to stop bleeding
5. Detoxification, accelerate soft tissue healing, have the effect of purging fire
6. Anti-inflammatory effects and treatment of soft tissue injury
Description About Cape Jasmine Fruit Extract
Cape Jasmine Fruit Extract is widely used in traditional medicine for its cholagogue,sedative,diuretic,antiphlogistic,and antipyretic effects. Additionally, it is an externally used drug with a long heritage and tradition in the treatment of sprain. Many iridoid glycosides were isolated from Gardeniae Fructus in previous investigations. Some of them, for example, Geniposide.

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