CAS NO.:9025-70-1
Appearance:off-white powder
Dextranase from Penicillium sp has been used:
in the digestion of exopolysaccharides from P. aeruginosa biofilms and dextran polymers as a component of trypticase soy broth (TSYPS) for Streptococcus mutans culture in microgel degradation
It also can be widely used in the toothpaste and mouthwash on prevention and treatment of detal caries and gingivitis, and inhibit dental plaque.
Medically, it can be used to prepare small molecule dextran, which can expand blood volume, reduce blood viscosity and improve microcirculation.
1. Lowering chyme viscosity and improving the digestibility and utilization of nutrient.
2. Breaking down cell wall structure, thus making crude protein, fat and carbohydrates in grain cells get absorbed more easily.
3. Reducing the propagation of harmful bacteria, improving the intestinal morphology to make it conducive to nutrient absorption.
Description About Dextranase
Dextranase can be used in preparation of dextran for clinical use.
Dextranase enzyme refers to the total name of multiple enzyme which can catalyze and hydrolyze β- glucan.
Dextranase enzyme in plants exists with kinds of Complex molecules polymer together such as:amylum,pectin, xylan, cellulose, protein, lipid and so on.
So, dextranase enzyme can be used only, but the more effective way to hydrolyzing cellulose is the mixed use with other relative enzymes, in which the use-cost will be reduced.
Dextranase can effectively break down beta-glucan in wheat and cereal endosperm cell wall. It is widely used in the beer brewing, juice processing and wine making.

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